How Lockdown Inspired Camembear to go DIGITAL

6 September 2021

As we come out of what we hope is the other side of COVID-19 and schools return for the new school year, we wanted to take a moment to CHAMPION the inventiveness of our teaching cohort that were able to take Camembear online... just as we were planning the very same thing behind the scenes.

Zoe Gordon, Assistant Headteacher and Development Officer, West Lothian, was surprised at how many parents and grandparents were loving learning alongside their children. Camembear proved to be a great product during lockdown, for both teachers conducting their remote learning lessons and for the children learning with parents and grandparents.

“Parents joined in the lessons with their children and many commented on how they were learning alongside them. In fact, the impact was greater due to parental engagement.” (Zoe Gordon)